“A Rewarding Interview Experience.”

“A friendly, insightful host makes for a rewarding interview experience. Many thanks to Daria for interviewing me about my newly released book. She has a talent for putting the guests at ease, while moving the show along and keeping it interesting. I have come to Daria’s show several times before, and I can always be confident she would help me express myself in the best way I can. I tend to be quiet and reserved in real life, but Daria’s relaxed and positive style is contagious, making it easy for anyone to open up and talk freely. The show is always built around letting the guest shine and makes for a great promotional tool. I also love having high quality podcasts available after the show for easy sharing. In short, if you have something to say to the world, you count on Daria to give you just the right opportunity. Highly recommended.” 

Marina Fontaine, author of Chasing Freedom.

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