Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt Welcomes Author LuxmiH Eve-lyn Forbes

Ready to live your best life ever? Britt is here to help! Please join her for Get Fit Feel Fabulous on Saturday, August 20th when she welcomes African born and raised, American Citizen TV Host, Author of Soul Adventures, LuxmiH Eve-lyn Forbes:

LuxmiH (pronounced “Luck’s Me”) Eve-Lyn Forbes, who now lives in Florida, is a third generation Anglo-African, born and raised in Rhodesia, (now Zimbabwe).
As originator of Mind Management Training, she conducted Mind Management workshops for many prestigious organizations, such as YMCA and the US Army. She was also a Success Strategies Television host and co-producer, a columnist and the author of Soul Adventures. Soul Adventures is LuxmiH’s fast-paced, true-life autobiography.   LuxmiH shares how humor helped her survive being a refugee and losing the roots of her homeland to gain the wings of the world.
“When one is stripped down to a handful of possession and has lost everything, including the country of birth, that’s when true wealth reveals Itself. People, places and things are all temporary and transitory. But when everything material, all friends, relations, beloved pets and favorite objects are stripped away, with absolutely nothing left to lose, one discovers the reliability and permanence of the Inner Self, inner guidance and intuition.” LuxmiH Eve-lyn Forbes
My philosophy is, ‘That which doe not kill me serves to make me stronger’.
My Mission: Is to build bridges of understanding between cultures, beliefs and species while advancing the peaceful potential of every mind; promoting Life, Liberty and prosperity for all.
Optional Information: LuxmiH married an American and became a naturalized American citizen. She is listed in Who’s Who of Women Executives and Who’s Who of International Women. Her achievements include TV host, corporate facilitator, columnist, author, entrepreneur and popular speaker. Her spiritual guide since 1993, Sri Swamiji Sachchidananda, gave her the name \”LuxmiH\” (pronounced \”Lucks Me\”), to invoke the spiritual attributes of the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Lakshmi.

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To listen to Get Fit Feel Fabulous with LuxmiH Eve-lyn Forbes, click here. Dial in with your questions at (347) 945-7246. The episode goes live at 10 AM Eastern on Saturday, August 20.

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