Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt: ‘Dining for Women’ with Lisa Dougherty

10941828_773776742698227_7514377806056064326_nReady to live your best life ever? Britt is here to help! Join her for Get Fit Feel Fabulous on Saturday, September 24 at 10 AM Eastern when she welcomes guest Lisa Dougherty to discuss her philanthropic work with Dining for Women:

Have you ever heard of Dining for Women?

Dining for Women is a global giving circle dedicated to transforming lives and eradicating poverty among women and girls in the developing world. Through member education and engagement, as well as the power of collective giving, Dining for Women funds grassroots organizations that empower women and girls and promote gender equity.

Lisa Dougherty, wife and mother of two beautiful young ladies, and co-owner of a defense contracting business with her husband, has a long history of volunteering. When her younger daughter reached an age where she did not need her so much, she sought out something useful to do and got involed in this global organization. On Saturday, September 24, at 10 AM Eastern, she joins Britt to discuss the Dining for Women Chapter in Melbourne Florida. During the live broadcast, call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246.

Visit Dining for for more information.

To listen to the live broadcast, click on this link to Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt: Dining for Women with Lisa Dougherty. You can also dial in with your questions and comments at (347) 945-7246.

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