The Formula, Hosted by Jefferson Keith Langley, The Human Architect, Debuts on Writestream Radio

The Formula, Hosted by Jefferson Keith Langley, The Human Architect, Debuts on Writestream Radio

The Formula: Extraordinary People, Everyday Lives

If you’re a fan of Shark Tank or The Apprentice then The Formula is FOR YOU! We’ll get down and dirty to investigate by asking the right questions to get the deeper answers everyone is searching for. What is the secret to become a successful entrepreneur? How do I get there. What should I do? Is there a sequence or secret to everything? Success? How to’s?

the-formula-final-brand-new-logo-10-19-16-whitebgThe Formula is a new dynamic, multi-platform project unearthing the mechanics, secrets, and paths to achieve greatness. We will examine the ins and outs for entrepreneurs, success-driven people, self-development advocates, and those who seek to elevate everything they do to reach higher levels of knowledge that unlocks the gates of wisdom to achieve anything.

Within the interviews of our special guests, we will select entrepreneurs to follow throughout the project. We’ll join them on their path as they reveal the world behind going for IT ALL, taking a deeper look into day-in-and-day-out of their lives — the literal meat on the bones of the rejections, the obstacles, and the twists and turns as they follow their blueprints. We’ll discover how they got The Yes or The Click as they turn their mission into an empire.

People across the world are obsessed about success and becoming rich, thinking up the next big thing like Facebook, the I-pod, Uber, or Spotify. What they don’t know and usually learn the hard way is that building a life fortune and becoming a household name  — or even a mogul — takes a certain combination of things that no one has uncovered until The Formula. They are addicted to finding out the keys to what makes things click and the steps people can take to get there.

Our audience knows that the only difference between Richard Branson and them is he did it and they haven’t. This creates a solid foundation and niche for this project to capitalize on the fact that the wealthy and innovative leaders are no different than our audience — they’ve simply found The Formula for the equation to add up and play out in a big way. We’re on a mission to uncover all the pieces and put the puzzle together.

Until The Formula, no program has addressed the intricate moments: failed calls; rejections; raising financing; getting the right people to believe in you and support your mission; forging the proper partnerships with the right people and companies; forming alliances with the right strategic moves…and the list goes on. The Formula can exploit the gap in the market for this type of content platform and be the trendsetter and the main hub for information regarding success and making your dreams a reality.

By creating The Formula — where we put the real truth and right ingredients in front of our audience — we plug them into being a part of the most innovative and progressive time in human history.

Tune in to The Formula Hosted by Jefferson Keith Langley, The Human Architect, on Writestream Radio Network the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 PM Eastern. The first episode debuts on Tuesday, November 22. Stay tuned for details soon!

About Jefferson Keith Langley

jefferson-keith-langley-pic-1Jefferson Keith Langley always had the winning mindset from a young age when he excelled in sports all the way to semi-pro status. Moving to Los Angeles from Texas at 19, he began his twenty-year career in entertainment, TV and media working as an assistant for numerous top people and companies on such projects as Gatorade; Smashing Pumpkins; Orbit Gum; Coors Light; Dave Mathews Band; Quentin Tarantino’s A Band Apart; Propaganda; Sony Pictures; Kaye Films; Emmy-award- winning director/TV showrunner Paris Barclay; Wayne Isham; Nigel Dick; Kinka Usher; Silver Pictures; and recognizable films like Starship Troopers, Tales From the Crypt and NBC/Universal series The Chang Family Saves the World for Misher Films just to name a few.

Additionally, Jefferson has worked for top-notch clients in branding and advertising campaigns, including a 7-minute action film for a Mercedes Benz worldwide campaign for the CLK Roadster. He developed, packaged and produced his latest feature film, Not Forgotten, starring Simon Baker, Paz Vega and Claire Forlani, in theaters around the world. It was an official selection of the Slamdance Film Festival. Jefferson wrote, directed, and produced his first feature film titled, Random Acts of Violence, an urban, cutting-edge thriller about a naive young man new to Los Angeles that gets caught up in a rich hip crew with a taste for trouble and blind morality, leaving him in the cross hairs of the blood- thirsty Russian Mafia from Glendale. Acclaimed by critics, it was sold out by audiences at two top major film festivals, Dances with Films and Slamdunk Film Festival in Park City before a limited release distribution run.

Jefferson has been represented by top managers and agents throughout his career. He received acclaim and notoriety by directing a music video for worldwide electronic music artist The Crystal Method, “Bad Stone”, which caught the eyes of top execs at MTV as an up and coming music video director. He was selected to be the co-star contestant for a reality pilot show based in NYC designed to discover top new talent.

jefferson-keith-langley-pic-2He co-founded a boutique production and finance company with an investor from Silicon Valley where he was President of Development and Production for over two years handling day to day operations, business affairs strategies to diversify the company portfolio, optioning material, negotiating deals, leading writer meetings, while managing, developing and raising funds for the slate of projects. He has been hired by film financiers to consult and write materials for fantasy thrillers and comedies as well.

This led to Jefferson expanding his spectrum and becoming a top adviser/consultant across all industries. His clients consist of financiers, producers, venture capitalists, creative types, pop singers, actors, oil and gas execs, sport athletes, jewelry designers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, global brands, top political aides, former intelligence officers, and many more. His unique, cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind techniques and innovative applications continue to garner rave reviews from his colleagues and clients through their referrals and recommendations. Jefferson’s knack for seeing to the core of things, coming up with innovative solutions, and providing guidance and execution all the way through to reaching the finish line garnered him the personal title, “THE HUMAN ARCHITECT.”

He also uses his top creative expertise to shoot branding campaigns, design logos and album/CD covers, etc…and invent new ways for his projects to set the standards of what’s to come. He is part owner of an energy elixir hitting shelves this year as well as a new Mexican food chain that will hit the market in 2017.

Along with his current media projects, consulting, and entrepreneurial passions, Jefferson Keith Langley continues his other passion of philanthropy to help worthy causes in his communities and aiding those in need to have a better and more fulfilling life.

The Formula, Hosted by Jefferson Keith Langley, The Human Architect debuts on Tuesday, November 22 at 7 PM Eastern and airs the fourth Tuesday of every month thereafter. Listeners may call in with their questions at (347) 945-7246. We’ll post a link to the first episode soon, but in the meantime, mark your calendars!


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