Donna Lyons Interviews Jefferson Keith Langley and Ima Sumac Watkins

Donna Lyons Interviews Jefferson Keith Langley and Ima Sumac Watkins

Tune in on March 23 at 7 PM Eastern for an important episode of Love Liberty & Lip Gloss:

This show is about is about the responsibility of the first amendment and how things need to be readdressed to rewrite it in technological times. How words are being used under the veil of freedom of speech, but used to cause damage, attack and bully people, businesses, and so forth without any recourse or repercussions about their actions.  The dangers of the internet and how we can all come together to strengthen the unity of the search engine world so that Google, Yahoo, Bing, Microsoft and others need to be held accountable for creating a monster and now the monster is lose and we’re left to fend for ourselves while they rap the benefits of social media and the internet era.

During the live show, call in with your questions and comments at (347) 945-7246.

About Donna Lyons

DonnaLyonsLLLDonna Lyons is a Military News Journalist, Author, Talk Show Host and Managing Editor based in Washington, D.C and California. She has been featured on national news and local news along with national and local radio shows. Her columns have concentrated on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, highlighting the positive aspects of individuals, projects and programs that benefit our military, veterans, wounded warriors and their families. Donna does her best to offer a nonpartisan and inspiring journalistic view, working in tandem with numerous veterans and military organizations.

Donna made her debut as the new host of Love Liberty & Lip Gloss on March 10, 2016 and we couldn’t be more delighted. Tune in every Thursday at 7 PM Eastern.



About Jefferson Keith Langley

Jefferson Keith Langley always had the winning mindset from a young age when he excelled in sports all the way to semi-pro status. Moving to Los Angeles from Texas at 19, he began his twenty-year career in entertainment, TV and media working as an assistant for numerous top people and companies on such projects as Gatorade; Smashing Pumpkins; Orbit Gum; Coors Light; Dave Mathews Band; Quentin Tarantino’s A Band Apart; Propaganda; Sony Pictures; Kaye Films; Emmy-award- winning director/TV showrunner Paris Barclay; Wayne Isham; Nigel Dick; Kinka Usher; Silver Pictures; and recognizable films like Starship Troopers, Tales From the Crypt and NBC/Universal series The Chang Family Saves the World for Misher Films just to name a few.

He co-founded a boutique production and finance company with an investor from Silicon Valley where he was President of Development and Production for over two years handling day to day operations, business affairs strategies to diversify the company portfolio, optioning material, negotiating deals, leading writer meetings, while managing, developing and raising funds for the slate of projects. He has been hired by film financiers to consult and write materials for fantasy thrillers and comedies as well.

This led to Jefferson expanding his spectrum and becoming a top adviser/consultant across all industries. His clients consist of financiers, producers, venture capitalists, creative types, pop singers, actors, oil and gas execs, sport athletes, jewelry designers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, global brands, top political aides, former intelligence officers, and many more. His unique, cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind techniques and innovative applications continue to garner rave reviews from his colleagues and clients through their referrals and recommendations. Jefferson’s knack for seeing to the core of things, coming up with innovative solutions, and providing guidance and execution all the way through to reaching the finish line garnered him the personal title, “THE HUMAN ARCHITECT.”

About Ima Sumac Watkins

Ima is fluent in Spanish and English and spends the majority of her life seeking and training in various modalities to enrich herself for a more productive journey. She is proud of all the different accomplishments she has achieved in helping worthy causes in the community to a long career in entertainment as well as watching her clients flourish. She practices what she teaches every day, where the tools and knowledge help her along her path in business and personal. She walks with confidence, compassion, understanding, and wonderment as she shares her wisdom and collective tools to help those who want to learn more, grow, and walk into the opportunities that are before them.

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