Create Your Life with Tasha Chen: What’s Really Keeping You Stuck?

Create Your Life with Tasha Chen: What’s Really Keeping You Stuck?

Tune in on Tuesday, May 9 at 8:30 AM Eastern when Tasha Chen welcomes special guest Sean Bode to share:

  • The Question to ask vs the Excuse to make when feeling stuck
  • How to stay true to your Intention (even when tested)
  • How to identify the evidence showing up to guide you

To most, Sean Bode was living the dream: a beautiful and supportive wife, three kids with one on the way, a VP at one of the largest and happiest companies in America, and a great military career.

Inside, he struggled daily with knowing he was not pursuing his own BIGGER purpose for his life. He admitted to feeling STUCK when he decided to join the program and was so committed to doing what he consider’s God’s work for his life that was ready to play full out and BELIEVE.

What happened during the 30 days can only be described as a MIRACLE!

Need some inspiration? You want to hear this guy’s manifesting story.

Have you ever met some-one who YOU think “has it all” ; and then they admit how unfulfilled and STUCK they feel in their lives?

Listen, we have all been there!

We talk a great talk, we say we want our dreams to come through, we take step #1 and them BAM! —- momentum comes to a screeching halt! And we begin to explain this away by saying we are “stuck”.

Lets Abandon the EXCUSES and begin Manifesting powerfully again – tune in on Tuesday, May 9 at 8:30 AM Eastern. Dial (347) 945-7246 or click here to stream the show through your computer.

About Tasha Chen

Tasha is the QUEEN of Creating Life on her own terms; and teaches you the easy scientific formula for creating abundance in your life. Her program is the only one that really shows people HOW to implement the Law of Attraction to create real results in their business and in their life. Areas of focus include – Financial Abundance and Deservedness, Relationship Bliss, Physical Health and Vitality and Spiritual Connectedness, Tasha’s expert, wise and discerning guidance will gently (yet firmly) put you on the path to the abundance that is your birthright. Tasha works with clients internationally by phone/Skype. RESULTS GUARANTEED in 30 DAYS.

UPDATE: Missed the live episode? Click to listen.

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