Donna Lyons Interviews MLB’s Lenny Randle, Baseball’s Most Interesting Man

Donna Lyons Interviews MLB’s Lenny Randle, Baseball’s Most Interesting Man

Baseball fans, tune in to Love Liberty & Lip Gloss on Thursday, June 29 at 7 PM Eastern when Donna Lyons interviews MLB’s Lenny Randle, baseball’s most interesting man:

Major League Baseball’s Lenny Randle, known as the most interesting man in baseball and is a former major league baseball player, who played for the Senators, Rangers, Mets, Yankees, Cubs and Mariners from 1971 to 1982. He became involved with Italian baseball in 1983, and was the first ex-MLBer to play professionally in Italy. He won the Italian Baseball League batting crown in his debut season with the Nettuno ball club. Dubbed “Cappuccino” by local fans, Randle’s hard-hustling play, charismatic swagger and mischievous sense of humor made him an Italian cult hero. He has also been involved with the Nettuno team who have 17 championships and he is has the Lenny Randle Sports Academy. There is a big event coming up on July 23 and 24  with the Mets from ’69-’89 Miracle Mets and teamates in San Diego with live interviews and filming. Country Singer DA Cole will be the entertainment.

To stream the show, click on Donna Lyons interviews Lenny Randle, Baseball’s Most Interesting Man. Listen by phone at (347) 945-7246 and press “1” if you would like to ask a question on the air.

About Donna Lyons

DonnaLyonsLLLDonna Lyons is a Military News Journalist, Author, Talk Show Host and Managing Editor based in Washington, D.C and California. She has been featured on national news and local news along with national and local radio shows. Her columns have concentrated on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, highlighting the positive aspects of individuals, projects and programs that benefit our military, veterans, wounded warriors and their families. Donna does her best to offer a nonpartisan and inspiring journalistic view, working in tandem with numerous veterans and military organizations.

Donna made her debut as the new host of Love Liberty & Lip Gloss on March 10, 2016 and we couldn’t be more delighted. Tune in every Thursday at 7 PM Eastern.

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