Create Your Life with Tasha Chen: Learn to Write a New Money Story – Fast!

Create Your Life with Tasha Chen: Learn to Write a New Money Story – Fast!

Do you feel unfulfilled and STUCK in your life?

How about your financial life?

Tasha has been talking a lot about money recently. Why?

Money, and our confidence around having LOTS of it is the #1 thing that keeps us all from having the life we are dreaming and wishing we could be living.

If any of these describe your money challenge, then join her on Tuesday, September 12 for Create Your Life with Tasha Chen at 8:30 AM Eastern.

  • You can’t seem to get yourself out of thinking there is a limited supply of money
  • If I asked you to spend $5000 purchasing a luxury item for yourself it would be difficult for you.
  • You have a money story that sucks the life out of your money attracting abilities
  • The bills keep piling up and they are a constant source of stress for you
  • Believing you can easily change your money situation is difficult for you

Maybe there’s little bit of everything that applies to you and you are READY to release let and take your MONEY attracting power back!

About Tasha Chen

Tasha is the QUEEN of Creating Life on her own terms; and teaches you the easy scientific formula for creating abundance in your life. Her program is the only one that really shows people HOW to implement the Law of Attraction to create real results in their business and in their life. Areas of focus include – Financial Abundance and Deservedness, Relationship Bliss, Physical Health and Vitality and Spiritual Connectedness, Tasha’s expert, wise and discerning guidance will gently (yet firmly) put you on the path to the abundance that is your birthright. Tasha works with clients internationally by phone/Skype. RESULTS GUARANTEED in 30 DAYS.

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