The Mentor In Me: 21 Day Attitude Consciousness Series

The Mentor In Me: 21 Day Attitude Consciousness Series


There are countless business books released on any given week.  Every once in a while one of those books delivers.  The Mentor in Me is a book at the core of our evolution as an entrepreneur and as a human being.  The book is based upon the Seven, hidden and immutable, Laws of Consciousness that determine our journey to success. While the information may seem strangely familiar — this book has a wonderful and effective twist.

The Seven Levels of Consciousness are easy to understand and William Todd does a masterful job of relating his journey in life (and in business) with the help of his Mentor Bob Proctor, but here is the thing: the power of these lessons and why they work can be summed up in two words — spaced repetition.  This factor is what is missing in so many would-be effective teachings.  It is the single thing that will defeat your best laid plans, because there is something that precedes even perseverance.

Find out why students of the Mentor in Me book are joining William Todd and co-host Marty Jeffery for a 21-day crash course on practicing Attitude Consciousness, which is a journey through Seven Levels Consciousness and a Brilliant Attitude Manifesto.  This is how you become accountable to the ‘Mentor in You’ for effective and lasting change.

Tune in on Tuesday, October 3 at 1 PM Eastern with entrepreneurs William Todd and Marty Jeffery. They’ll discuss the success of William’s book, The Mentor In Me and the 21 Day Attitude Consciousness Series. During the live broadcast, dial in with your questions or comments at (347) 945-7246.

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About Author and Entrepreneur William V. Todd

WT_WVToddHeadshotWilliam Todd is a self-made entrepreneur with over twenty years of expertise in the Direct Selling and Personal Development Industries. William is a protégé of Bob Proctor, who was featured in the global phenomenon movie The Secret and is widely regarded as one of the pioneer masters and teachers of The Law of Attraction. William continues his mission of inspiring people to discover a new way of life through recognizing and sustaining the Five Key Areas of Health— Healthy Mind, Body, Family, Community and Finances. After discovering that mentors could help him achieve his goals in less time than it would take to figure it all on his own, William created a 21-Day Coaching Program to help people of all age groups (young adults, corporate executives to seniors) gain a higher level of awareness and improve their results. William takes a unique and efficient approach to helping his mentees improve all areas of life. He helps them unlock their potential by eliminating old paradigms and habits. Similar to eating well and working out consistently, reaching our true potential requires repetition learning just as a gym membership requires the same self-discipline and repetitive workouts for optimal physical health. William has mentored entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and individuals from every walk of life in over twenty countries around the world.  He is the author The Mentor In Mereleased on January 1, 2017 from Writestream Publishing.  The book contains lessons offered from Bob Proctor and highlights a story that is familiar to most people—being given incredible insight and guidance, but not always choosing to listen to it.  The Mentor In Me follows the roller-coaster ride of what happens when you accept counsel from a mentor and also the consequences for not.

William guest hosts Writestream Tuesday the first Tuesday of every month at 1 p.m. Eastern.


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