Create Your Life with Tasha Chen ~ Finishing the Year UNSTUCK!

Create Your Life with Tasha Chen ~ Finishing the Year UNSTUCK!

TRUTH: The misery of being STUCK is REAL!

And the price is beyond measure.

How do you feel stuck? Is it in growing your business? Feeling no passion or purpose, no excitement for life? Ultimately like a GREAT life is just passing you by?

While her peeps are in a manifesting WAVE right now [By the way she’s really excited for them — if you could see her when she gets their messages you would think there was a crazy person on the loose. We mean she gets REALLY excited!!! ], it got Tasha thinking about how stuck these people all felt when they first found each other.

Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! You could literally feel the sigh of relief as they came to the realization that the answer to their prayers had just showed up.

Tune in to Create Your Life with Tasha Chen on Tuesday, October 10 at 8:30 AM Eastern when she discusses how to get UNSTUCK and finish the year strong!

To stream the episode, click here. Or listen by phone at (347) 945-7246.

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Tasha is the QUEEN of Creating Life on her own terms; and teaches you the easy scientific formula for creating abundance in your life. Her program is the only one that really shows people HOW to implement the Law of Attraction to create real results in their business and in their life. Areas of focus include – Financial Abundance and Deservedness, Relationship Bliss, Physical Health and Vitality and Spiritual Connectedness, Tasha’s expert, wise and discerning guidance will gently (yet firmly) put you on the path to the abundance that is your birthright. Tasha works with clients internationally by phone/Skype. RESULTS GUARANTEED in 30 DAYS.

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