Donna Lyons Interviews New Singer Songwriter Cephas

Donna Lyons Interviews New Singer Songwriter Cephas

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Cephas is a new face in the American Christian genre trying to bring an eclectic approach with a secular feel that all can listen to, while still having a deeper message in his songs. Cephas writes, composes, co-produces, and records all of his songs. Plays the piano, French horn, saxophone, and the flute all self taught without any knowledge in reading notes. His main goal is to make music that shines light on his faith, and the healing that it brings to all who struggle with longing to feel filled in their lives.

Music wasn’t always his trajectory as he began playing Division 3 basketball at Hiram Ohio studying to be a data analyst in 2013. He played at the collegiate level for one year, and decided it was time to move back down to Florida attending school in Tallahassee. There he became roommates with another budding artist, and his love for music resurfaced. In 2015 Cephas re-found his faith after some months in Tallahassee that brought him through the lowest of lows he has ever faced. From that point in 2015 on Cephas made it his mission to learn more about what it was to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 2015 Cephas was gifted a piano from a close friend, and began teaching himself how to seriously play by January 2016 primarily through YouTube with covers of popular songs. Break Free is the first globally distributed song on major platforms iTunes/ Apple Music and Spotify.

Currently working with Forever Current studios, and producing exclusively with Special Occasion the two work on pushing 10 singles with Break Free being the first of 10. Cephas also plans to try and break through onYouTube  with music covers, music videos, and even beginning the foundation of his pastoral goal on the channel named C3PHA5. Cephas looks to continue making music over the next few years as he grows his social platform.

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DonnaLyonsLLLDonna Lyons is a Military News Journalist, Author, Talk Show Host and Managing Editor based in Washington, D.C and California. She has been featured on national news and local news along with national and local radio shows. Her columns have concentrated on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, highlighting the positive aspects of individuals, projects and programs that benefit our military, veterans, wounded warriors and their families. Donna does her best to offer a nonpartisan and inspiring journalistic view, working in tandem with numerous veterans and military organizations.

Donna made her debut as the new host of Love Liberty & Lip Gloss on March 10, 2016 and we couldn’t be more delighted. Tune in every Thursday at 7 PM Eastern.

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